Week 2 – Real life Muffasa

Real-life Muffasa 2/52 by s.kat130
Real-life Muffasa 2/52, a photo by s.kat130 on Flickr.

This is the picture for week 2. Taken 1/8/2012

On our way back from Oklahoma City, we stopped at GW Exotic Animal Park. This place is both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. They have more lions and tigers (and bears) than any other zoo I’ve visited. Each of these animals were former exotic pets — kept in backyards and fed inadequate diets.

Besides the animals mentioned above, they also had crocodiles, exotic birds, monkey, baboons, and hyenas (to name a few.) However, they also have a few cross-breeds (taligers and ligers).

Week 2 of the 52 project is coming along well. I am starting to get back into the groove of taking pictures regularly after my early ending to the 365 photo project.


School lunches – to pack or not to pack…

I started the new school year religiously packing my son’s lunch everyday.  It was fun at first.  He enjoyed getting new things.  I enjoyed lovingly picking out his food. Then, life got in the way.  It started with one Friday… and then every Friday he would buy lunch at school.  For the last 2.5 months it’s been everyday with a few exceptions. 

My reasonings were:

  1. I’m a single mom and I was running out of time at both ends – buying his lunch saved me time and effort.  And, at only, $2.10/day it was a good deal.
  2. Food bought for his lunches didn’t get used fast enough and would go bad before I could use it.  This is wasteful and I hate waste.
  3. I lost interest in creating new lunches everyday. 

I’m beginning to swing back in the direction of phasing packed lunches again.  The school does not allow kindergarteners to get salads everyday (mine would eat salad with ham and cheese on it almost everyday.)  He gets flavored milk (strawberry or chocolate) everyday.  It seemed that when I was packing his lunch (with a thermos of water) he wasn’t getting as much sugar.  He also wasn’t getting in as much trouble (not following directions, etc.) back then, too.  I’d like to test the theory by controlling his daily sugar intake a little more.  I’d like to see if it would help his concentration skills to help him stay focused on learning.  But, all of that is just an experiment. 

As with all motherly experiments/activities/questions, I started with a Google search.  I LOVE Google and all it’s googliness, but that’s another story.

One of the underlying themes was the use of color, small portions, interactive food (dips for fruits or veggies, pack the parts of the  sandwich and let them assemble it themselves), and that’s it’s okay if you kid wants to eat the same thing every day.  It looks like Chef’s Salad is on the menu for tomorrow!

OKC memorial reflection (week 1)

OKC memorial reflection by s.kat130
OKC memorial reflection, a photo by s.kat130 on Flickr.

I finally made it back to OKC to visit the memorial site. OKC is my birthplace and where I lived for the first 14 years of my life. When a sick man with a plan came into town back in April 22, 1995 – my small world was never the same.

This is the first of a 52 weeks photo project I’m starting in 2012. Stay tuned for more.