My African Violet

I have an African Violet houseplant in my master bathroom.  (Like the beautiful one shown above except not as healthy.)  It has the tell-tale green leafs with purple undersides. However, this plant hasn’t bloomed in a year.  It gets watered maybe once a month if you don’t count the humidity generated from a few hot and steamy showers.   I have seriously neglected this plant.  Yet, it still has green leaves.  No blooms, but still alive. 

I have decided to nurture this plant back to health.  I want to see purple blossoms on this.  And, I want it to blossum in the bathroom.  Sure, I could keep it alive by the window next to the kitchen sink with the aloe plant and that green/pink leafed plant that always wilts when it needs water.  Those plants have it easy – sharing a glass of tap water with me, getting a sip while I wait for the hot water to come while doing dishes.   This plant (“the easiest houseplant ever”) will survive in my master suite.  And, I will propogate it.  I will have an African Violet family living with me. 

I’ve already fertilized with Osmicote (sp?).  The first bit of water ran right through the pot – it was THAT dry.  It’s starting to soak in.  I will post a picture here when I get it back to blooming and when it starts having “babies.”

I found a few websites to keep me on track.  African Violet care websites:  Propogating AVs are easy, just a leaf and stem is required.  A re-potting is very much needed now and every 6-months.  This one says that AVs love humidity and dream of living in the Amazon rainforest.  Another reason the bathroom is the perfect place. 🙂  This site goes into depth about diseases affecting AVs.  It also gives more detail about pasteurizing potting soil.  It sounds like it may be too much work for my little AV hobby.


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