Weekday Breakfast Variety – 10 Quick Breakfast ideas

10 Quick (weekday) breakfast ideas:

1. Toad in the hole (fried egg cooked in slice of bread with fun cut-out shape).

2. Design your own Oatmeal – cook basic oats, top with a pat of butter, and lay out the toppings for them to choose. Toppings can be anything available. We choose from raisins, cinnamon, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, craisins, coconut flakes, breakfast cereal, maple syrup, etc. My favorite is a simple raisin-cinnamon-maple syrup. Don’t forget to top with milk to cool the oatmeal and make it creamy. (You can add diced apple to the boiling water when you cook it to add a little extra flavor.)

3. “Quick eggs” and a sidekick – (scrambled eggs) with a side of breakfast meat and/or fruit.  Try not to overcook the eggs.  Remove from the skillet and on to breakfast plates as soon as they’re done.  They’ll overcook (turn to rubber and dry out) sitting in the hot skillet.

4. Cheesy toast and cinnamon/sugar toast – Top bread with cheese or cinnamon/sugar. Place under broiler until cheese is melted and sugar has crusted. Not the healthiest, but always quick to make and the kids love it.

5. Design your own Yogurt – start with plain yogurt and add any topping of your choice.  We like berries and honey with a sprinkling of cinnamon. 

6. “Your style eggs” and a sidekick – boiled eggs served anyway you want with fruit or a breakfast meat.  “Dinosaur-style” is eating the egg whole and plain with gusto.  “Grandma-style” (named for my mother’s special way) involves mashing the egg finely with butter using the tines of a fork and is topped with salt and pepper.  I like mine classy dinosaur style with lots of pepper and a little salt sprinkled on top. 

Boiled eggs – my cooking style: add cold eggs to cold water and bring to a boil of medium high heat covered.  Once the lid signals a boil (starts rattling), turn off the heat while leaving the pot covered.  Allow the eggs to cool down in the hot water for 12 minutes.  Makes perfect eggs every time.  

7. Banana Bread Toast – Mash a ripe banana, cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg (a couple of swipes across the grater) and a hint of vanilla extract in a bowl.  Spread gooey mess over bread (any bread) slices and place under the broiler (or in the toaster oven.)  Cook until the banana mess on top seems less glossy and more matte and the bread has toasted.  While still warm, top with butter and let it melt.  This tastes JUST LIKE BANANA BREAD!

8. French Toast – Mix 2 eggs with about 1/4 C milk (I just eyeball it) and a couple shakes of cinnamon in a deep bowl.  Add bread and allow to soak a bit, while the skillet is heating up and the coconut oil is melting.  Easy!

9. Leftovers from Sunday – I always make GF pancakes and bacon every Sunday.  And, I always try to make double what we need.  If I’m making waffles, I make at least double so that I can freeze more for later.  It’s easy to reheat pancakes and bacon to serve again on a hard-to-wake-up Monday morning.

10. Dry cereal – our last resort.  Pour it out of the box and add milk.

We also like to add yogurt, berries, melon when we have it.  We also sometimes add kefir or a fruit/veggie smoothie when we have lots of produce on hand. 

I’m looking for more quick breakfast ideas that don’t come out of a box or bag.  These are my go-to ideas to mix things up.  I should start planning these things so the kids know what to expect.

Disclaimer:  Parts of our family eat gluten-free (non-celiacs).  This menu was designed to be adaptable to both gluten and non-gluten diets with simple substitutions, i.e. GF bread for regular, GF oats for regular quick oats, etc.  Also “breakfast meats” are not limited to bacon, ham or sausage – in a pinch, we’ve substituted pepperoni, sliced turkey, and kosher/GF hot dogs.