Why “Living Room Picnic?”

Living Room Picnic defines so many facets of how I live right now.  It’s simplistic, it’s spontaneous, and fun memories.

Simple:  Life can be lived moment-by-moment instead of dollar-by-dollar or to the tune of the latest gadget.  Childhood and parenthood is about the moments you create when you spend time as a family.  It’s “how you made them feel” and “how you did it together” that matters more than what toys you bought them.

Spontaneous:  One of the first traditions I created with my kids when I started my parenting journey on my own was the “living room picnic.”  We would roll out the picnic blanket in the living room and literally have a picnic (minus the drinks) on the living room floor.  It requires no prior planning and can be done year round.  Just shake out the blanket outside when you’re done. 

Fun:  Sometimes it’s fun to NOT follow the rules.  In order to grow as a person, I know I need to push the limits and try new things.  I want to keep learning about new ways to cook, to organize my life, and to understand the world around me. 

In other words, there will be a hodge-podge of posts on this blog.


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